Alien Bees B400 Strobe Flash

Alien Bees B400 Strobe Flash

$25/ Day

  • 160 watt-seconds of power
  • Built-in cooling fan and 150-watt modeling lamp
  • Remote triggering
  • Includes a 7-inch reflector
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The AlienBees™ are powerful, fast, accurate and versatile, with easy-to-use analog controls. The AlienBees™ self-contained studio flash units are available in three output models and five bold colors.

Perfect For: Students, Hobbyists, Beginners and Beyond

Replacing Modeling Lamps/Flashtubes: Refer to the video below when changing your modeling lamp and flashtube. As a reminder, f you are choosing to use an LED bulb for the modeling lamp on the AlienBees, be certain that it is DIMMABLE.



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