Alien Bees B800 Strobe Flash

Alien Bees B800 Strobe Flash

$25/ Day

  • 320 watt-seconds of power
  • Built-in cooling fan and 150-watt modeling lamp
  • Remote triggering
  • Includes a 7-inch reflector
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The AlienBees B800 is a powerful, self-contained studio flash unit with adjustable output from full power (320 Ws) down to 1/32nd of the total power (10 Ws). This flashpower is adjusted on the back control panel with a slide fader, capable of adjusting in whole f-stop increments and everywhere in between. When adjusted from a higher to a lower setting, the unit will automatically dump the excess power for accurate output.

With precision voltage regulated circuits supplying consistent output, the B800 boasts true what-you-see-is-what-you-get modeling lamp accuracy. The modeling lamp can be set to full brightness, turned completely off, or set to track the power changes. Furthermore, the standard 150 Watt modeling lamp may be used as a recycle indicator, turning itself off when the unit is recycling, and coming back on to let you know when the unit is fully recycled and you are ready to shoot again. Ready for heavy-duty, all-day shooting, the AlienBees have built-in cooling fans to keep up with their fast recycle.


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