Aputure Light Dome mini II

Aputure Light Dome mini II

$15/ Day

  • Light Dome Mini II – 16 x Rods – Front Diffuser – Interior Diffuser – Bowens Speed Ring – 40 Degree Grid – Gel Filter Holder – Carrying Bag
  • Shallow dome design ideal for smaller studios and tight shooting space;
  • Full silver coating intensifies output strength for more control over light source;
  • Unique dual diffuser design ensures even distribution of the light across the entire field;
  • Medium-sized 21.5″ outer diffuser beam makes a soft and flattering light for smaller subjects;


The Aputure Light Dome Mini II is a compact yet versatile light modifier that is perfect for video content creators, photographers, and filmmakers. Its 16-sided design helps to create a flattering and natural-looking light that is ideal for portrait and product photography, as well as for video interviews and cinematic shots. The mini II features an inner diffusion panel and a high-quality grid that help to control the direction and intensity of the light, allowing you to achieve the desired effect for your scene. The Light Dome Mini II is also incredibly portable, making it a great choice for on-location shoots, and it can be easily assembled and disassembled in minutes thanks to its quick-release speed ring. Additionally, the Light Dome Mini II is compatible with a wide range of Aputure and other popular light fixtures, and it comes with a handy carrying bag for added convenience and protection during transportation. Whether you’re a professional photographer or filmmaker, or just starting out in the field, the Aputure Light Dome Mini II is an excellent choice for achieving high-quality, professional-looking lighting for your work.


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