Rotolight Illuminator (51″)

Rotolight Illuminator (51″)

$15/ Day

  • For Speedlights, LED Lights, or Strobes
  • Uses Optional Umbrella Bracket
  • 180-Degree Beam Spread,
  • Minimal Light Loss
  • Circular Catchlights in Subject’s Eyes
  • No Speed Ring Needed


Designed for the NEO 2, AEOS, or Anova PRO 2 LED lights, the 51″ octagonal Illuminator from Rotolight is also compatible with most speedlights, LED fixtures, or strobes when combined with the optional Rotolight umbrella bracket. The Illuminator has umbrella-like action that sets up in seconds, providing all the benefits of a softbox but without the hassle of speed rings and compatibility. The modifier has a 180-degree beam spread for a soft wraparound quality with minimal light loss that is very flattering to your subject. A bonus is the natural-looking circular catchlights in the eyes of those being photographed.


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