• $5/ Day

    • SOFTER, MORE PLEASING REFLECTED LIGHT - our Super Soft Silver photographic reflector produces a softer and less specular fill light than the mirror like surfaces typical on shiny silver reflectors
    • NATURAL WHITE REFLECTED LIGHT - our custom fabric is made without optical brighteners; this reflects a more natural light without the bluish tint typical with other collapsible photographic reflectors
    • AVOID BLINDING HOT SPOTS - our Super Soft Silver scatters the light more evenly than shiny silver reflectors; this helps to avoid the harsh and highly specular hot spots produced by shiny silver
    • HEAVY DUTY CANVAS FABRIC - our Rogue collapsible reflectors are durable. They’re made with a thick silver coating applied to a heavy duty canvas fabric sewn to a flexible spring steel frame
    • COLLAPSES TO 18” DIAMETER - our collapsible photographic reflectors quickly fold-up to conveniently stow in a canvas storage bag
  • $5/ Day

    • Promaster Professional Series Soft Light Umbrella - 36"
    • Translucent


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