22” Silver High Output Beauty Dish

22” Silver High Output Beauty Dish

$10/ Day

  • Highly efficient source for bright output
  • Comes with Triple-layer Diffusion Sock
  • Comes with 30°Honeycomb Grid & Direct Light Blocker
  • Comes with Padded Carrying Bag


The 22” High Output Silver Beauty Dish creates a bright, crisp light source with more contrast than the white. When used close to the subject, the narrow beam spread allows for a more selective area of coverage. With about six times the efficiency of the white beauty dish, the silver beauty dish can be used to light subjects from greater distances, even with low power flash units. Not only is it popular for studio work, it is a favorite for taking outdoors. The increased output helps in bright sun conditions, while its low profile will not catch wind like an umbrella.


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