Neewer 42″ Translucent Circular White Diffuser

Neewer 42″ Translucent Circular White Diffuser

$5/ Day

  • Softens and Subdues Light
  • Neutral White Color
  • Double-Riveted Spring Steel Frame
  • Collapsed Diameter: 16″
  • Includes Carry Bag


A versatile and portable light modifier, this LiteDisc Translucent Circular Diffuser from Neewer has a 42″ diameter, and can collapse down to 16″ in diameter. The neutral white translucent fabric subtly reduces contrast and subdues light intensity, making it ideally suited for portraiture and other instances where a soft light source is required. Also, the durable, double-riveted steel spring frame ensures a consistent shape over time and maintains a flat profile when the reflector is expanded. A dedicated carry bag is also included for storage and travel.

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